Hi! My name is Kitsu and I am a digital furry artist. Due to mental health problems I prefer to keep to myself, so please refrain from messaging me if it isn't business related or a quick question. I typically ignore small talk and stuff like that! I am ok with chatting in my public discord server where I feel more comfortable tho.

My commissions open at the beginning of every month (provided my patrons don't take all the slots). If you'd like to support me, check out my links below. Thank you! :D

Commission Info

Below are the available commission types I offer. Payment is done through paypal (you don't need a paypal account to pay!).

Commissions open once a month and are announced on Twitter, FA, DA, and Instagram.
I give a warning a few days in advanced so keep an eye out!

When I open, a public form is available to fill out for a day or two. I will pick a few commissions that I like from the applications.

If you are a member of my patreon, you get first dibs on monthly slots!

Character Drawing: $75-$85

Price varies with complexity and additional props

+ $65 for additional character

Two characters max per drawing

Profile Pics: $45

flat rate - Single Character

Scene Portraits: $100-$120

Price varies with complexity

One Character Only

Ko-fi Doodles: $35

Flat color doodles

Ordered outside of normal commission openings (are prioritized last in queue tho)

Visit my ko-fi to purchase~

Terms of Service

What I Draw

I can draw pokemon, furries, and other animal based creatures.I will NOT draw most mechas (protogens are fine), taurs, or humans/human based characters.I will NOT draw porn/sexual interactions, gore, or fetish artI have the right to refuse your commission for any reason.

Terms of Service

Don't claim you drew your commission, always link back to me when you can.Only use SFW references, I do not accept NSFW ones.Keep changes small and to a minimum. I rely heavily on artistic freedom. I have the right to cut you off from further changes if it is becoming too much.I usually post finished work on twitter. If you would prefer I keep it private, let me know.Completion times vary. See my trello board to know where you are in the queue.Refunds are not accepted past the sketch phase.You may not sell your commission as merchandise or mint it as NFTTips are greatly appreciated!

Request Form

Thank you for your interest! Commissions are currently open! Please submit this form and I will contact you via twitter if I choose to do your commission.


Remember to read my TOS before submitting!!!